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Mon 17th November
Business backs campaign to speed up York outer ring road
York businesses have added their voices and support to the campaign for turning the York outer ring road into a duel carriageway.

Dualling York outer ring road is essential in allowing York and its surrounding area to participate in a growing Northern economic powerhouse and its community is being invited to join a campaign and online petition lobbying the Prime Minister to make that happen.

Ultimately, the petition will be delivered to No.10 at the end of January next year.

Following on from last week’s announcement of improvements to the M62 and rail lines between Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield, the campaign is calling for investment into the dualling of York outer ring road and is backed by the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership as well as the Federation of Small Businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, York Professionals and theInstitute of Directors.
LEP Chair, Barry Dodd, says: “In a month where government is awarding increasing powers and investment to connect northern metropolitans like Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield, we are calling on the Prime Minister to recognise the potential economic power around York and to invest in the dualling of York’s outer ring road so that it can fulfil its potential.”
Federation of Small Businesses Regional Chair, Simon Williams says: “18 months ago we commissioned research that showed dualling the ring road was the top transport priority for our York members. By speeding up the ring road, we can make it easier for small businesses to grow and take advantage of new supply chain opportunities within York, North Yorkshire and East Riding and neighbouring areas.”
This campaign comes at a time when regions are increasingly calling for the devolution of powers. Last week, deputy chair of the York and North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership, David Kerfoot, spoke of the need to make sure that non-metropolitan areas like North Yorkshire and East Riding were not forgotten.
Speaking about the need for improvements to the ring road, David Kerfoot says: “if government is devolving money then it cannot afford to ignore the potential economic growth locked up in and around York. We need the Prime Minister to invest in dualling the ring road so that we can speed up travel and release that growth.”

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