Verdure Psychology Ltd

Verdure Psychology Ltd

Verdure Psychology provides compassionate mental health care to individuals (aged 16+) in York. There is also a nationwide service (operated via a secure online platform). The primary clinic opened in the Innovation Centre in February 2023, with a second clinic operating from Bootham in the city centre.

‘Verdure’ symbolises the vibrant, lush greenery of fresh vegetation, a concept embraced by Verdure Psychology to represent the cultivation of fresh insights and to denote new perspectives on dealing with challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders. By fostering an environment where insight, growth, and life flourish, we aim to promote a journey towards personal development and vibrant, enriched living.

Dr Richard Jenkinson is the Director of Verdure Psychology. With a wealth of experience in clinical practice and research, he always ensures his approach is tailored to individual need, based on a shared understanding of what’s keeping a person from living the life they deserve. As a clinical psychologist, he’s able to draw upon multiple different evidence-based therapies and psychological techniques. Therefore, the therapy is tailored to each individual (albeit grounded consistently in compassion, respect, empathy and collaboration).


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Sectors: Healthcare. Office Types: Private Offices. Locations: Innovation Centre.

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