The Tidy Tribe

The Tidy Tribe

The Tidy Tribe, are Professional Declutterers and Home Organisers based in York who specialise in providing personalised 1-to-1 decluttering and home organising sessions. Whether people are facing overwhelming clutter, navigating life changes like divorce, bereavement, illness, or preparing for a house move, we can help in a supportive and non-judgemental way. Whatever the situation, we help people to simplify their possessions into what they need, use and love.

We’re now working on expanding our reach to help people across the world clear their clutter and get organised via online content. This includes decluttering and organinsing guides, training courses, a regular podcast and online membership.

Think tidy house, tidy mind… with a genuine commitment to transforming how people feel in their own home or workspace, we take pride in making a positive impact on the lives of those we support.

We’re excited to become a Phase One member to access the amazing opportunities available, including training, mentoring and access to their wider network. We’re also really keen to meet other Phase One members!




Sectors: Consultancy. Office Types: Phase One Incubator Programme. Locations: Phase One Workspace.

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