Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, we operate a global, customer-first, and vendor-agnostic IT consultancy.

We help clients select the best solutions for their business needs and budget to thrive and innovate with software, cloud, data, and AI.

To deliver first-class solutions we value and invest in the people behind the technology. The secret to unlocking the untapped potential in IT and innovation is not to just focus on systems and structures – but to infuse people’s know-how.  Combining technology with human potential is how we transform. Our certified experts can be trusted not only to help you navigate your technological needs, but to turn them into powerful tools to enable your modern workplace, fuel business growth, and spark innovation.

We deliver our advisory services 24/7 through step-by-step frameworks based on industry standards and best-practice methodologies.

We’ll help you with services to:

  • Rightsize your IT estate for a cloud future
  • Optimize your hybrid and multicloud environment
  • Operate a secure and managed modern workplace
  • Innovate with a scalable data platform, AI and IoT


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