26th February 2021

‘That Jorvik Viking Thing’ – A 360° Experience by VIDAVEO

In the time before lockdown VIDAVEO was experimenting with new approaches to immersive experiences.

VIDAVEO benefited from a Research and Development grant from XR Stories, specifically focused on producing a new 360° video filming technique.


When Covid struck and most of our traditional video production business came to a sudden stop, we pivoted our business to adapt to this ‘new reality’.  Having gained experience in working with 360° video, and given that people were not in a position to visit locations in person, VIDAVEO developed a new branch of their business, creating 360° Virtual Experiences.

With this in mind, VIDAVEO approached the Jorvik Viking Centre with the idea of creating a 360° experience for them.  They were closed to the public and their annual Viking Festival was going to have to be a virtual experience this year.  It was a natural fit.

Adam Gill, Director of VIDAVEO, met with Gareth Henry, the Festivals & Events Manager at the Jorvik Centre and Jay Commins, who works on the York Archaeological Trust’s Marketing, and together came up with the concept of recording the Time Capsule Tour from the perspective of a passenger. It was also decided that this experience could be further enhanced by having a chatty viking accompany the viewer on the tour, pointing out things of interest and providing additional background information.  (thanks to the very talented Stuart Perry for appearing in this production).

Our experience with the XR Stproes project provided the groundwork for producing this high resolution exploration of the Jorvik Viking Centre.

The difficulties that we encountered included working in very low light, in a noisy environment and on a moving vehicle.  But after a few tests we came up with a workable solution, securing the camera with sandbags, adding spot lighting throughout and placing a combination of microphones to catch ambience and the presenters monologue.

We also embedded a few graphic ‘factoids’, containing juicy bits of knowledge for those prepared to search them out. To add to the Viking feel of the piece we commissioned local musician Danny Sewell to compose an original track, complete with subtle layered chanting of Jor-Vik!  Danny is an excellent musician and completely understood what we were looking for.

Users can watch the complete 360° video on any capable mobile device, with or without a VR headset, allowing the public to access this unique experience in an original and immersive way.

VIDAVEO create virtual experiences where viewers can move their phones to explore the 360° content, like a window to another world. It’s just as easy to view the video on laptop and desktop computers, where you can click and drag to change the perspective of the 360° scene.

The 360° video tour has proved to be a great hit during ‘That Jorvik Viking Thing’s’ School Week launch and now it is available to the general public, enabling them to explore the JORVIK Viking Centre’s world-famous recreation of 10th century Coppergate.  It’s keeping the Jorvik Viking Centre’s audience engaged, virtually transporting them to the past in their very own Time Capsule and looking forward to a future where they can visit in person.

Take the tour yourself, right now at:°-degree-virtual-tour/