York leads way in digital economy

12th March 2019

York leads way in digital economy

York is leading the way in the digital economy, says Paul Crane, Head of Ultra Fibre Optic Engagement for TalkTalk

We’re experiencing a digital transformation in our lives and especially in business. Integrating digital technologies in business creates immense opportunities for the UK and local economy including a rise in employment.


With advancements in technology such as the cloud, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, companies across the country are already seeing the benefits of connectivity. The right infrastructure needs to be in place to allow the expansion of new digital technology and it’s important that we invest now to keep up with the demands for smarter, modernised and more productive business.

By the end of the year, York should be the UK’s first gigabit city as it leads the way in digitalisation. This will make the city the best place to grow a business, helping to boost the local economy and increase employment. Businesses in York need to capitalise on the opportunity and ensure they have the right infrastructure to thrive in an ever-growing digital world.

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