Tech Nations 15 exciting FinTech companies to watch in 2020

30th June 2020

Tech Nations 15 exciting FinTech companies to watch in 2020

Tech Nation have shared their list of the top 15 FinTech companies to keep an eye on in 2020.

FinTech is booming in the UK, where it’s a competitive strength for the country’s economy. According to Tech Nation Report 2020, £4bn was invested into UK FinTechs in 2019 – more than double the previous year – placing the UK second only to the US in terms of investment.


Building on the UK’s historic strength in financial services, today’s FinTechs are innovating in everything from open banking to insurtech – and there’s still huge potential for growth. That’s why we’re currently on the lookout for companies to join our FinTech 3.0 growth programme, where the cohort will learn about topics such as sales, partnerships and expanding internationally.

We’ve helped 43 FinTech companies scale on our FinTech sector programme to date – and there are many more out there yet to be discovered. Below, we’ve shone a light on some of the most exciting UK-headquartered companies with money-spinning ideas.


From the company’s name to its daringly straight-talking website copy, it’s clear that Leicester-based DeadHappy is dead-set on shaking up the life insurance market. In a nutshell, people make a ‘Deathwish’ – a statement expressing what they want to happen when they die. That could include paying off the mortgage, clearing debts or paying for somebody’s education. Then they state how much that would cost before paying it online to start the insurance policy. A simple premise, DeadHappy appears to be winning over customers through its refreshingly no-nonsense approach and commitment to saving time and money.


MPOS (or Mobile Point of Sale) terminals have revolutionised small business owners’ ability to take payments. KodyPay is an environmentally-conscious option that goes one step further than hand-held terminals by removing the hardware altogether, allowing payments to be taken solely through its mobile app. It also uses ereceipts, further boosting its green credentials, and a portion of every transaction goes towards planting trees. The app was launched last year by University of York Management School student Yoyo Chang, who raised a seed investment round, and was initially trialled at Nisa supermarkets on campus.


Collctiv doesn’t like two things: the letter ‘e’, and having to chase people for money. The Manchester-based FinTech’s smartphone app makes it easy for people to collect money from friends and family. It’s done by creating virtual money ‘pots’ with collection targets or fixed amounts (with deadlines), which can be paid by sending a link or QR code that links to Apple or Google Pay. This removes the need for contacts to download Collctiv’s app to make a payment. Never again shall organisers of stag or hen parties go empty-pocketed.

For the full list and for more information please visit the Tech Nation website.