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Laboratory Space

Alongside our offices, we also offer a dynamic range of laboratory spaces to cater for innovative research and development companies.

York Science Park offers a dynamic range of some of the best commercial lab space in Yorkshire, ready to support innovative research and development companies. Our ACDP Cat 2 facilities offer the option to convert to Cat 3. All labs offer residents plumbing and the ability to install piped gasses, access to a cold room, 24/7 secure access, clinical and hazardous waste disposal services, gas bottle storage and some spaces offer pre-installed fume hoods.

Residents in our laboratories also benefit from the range of support services we offer all residents including; introductions to our extensive network of professional contacts, support from our trusted advisors, free business events and seminars, access to funding and much more.

York is one of the UKs founding Science cities and has always had a focus on innovation, supported by our numerous research institutions and the University of York. Being based at York Science Park places your company among some of the most innovative scientific research taking place in the world.

Choosing lab space in Yorkshire offers you an incredible range of support and facilities, at the heart of an entrepreneurial ecosystem built on science, technology and innovation.


University Connections

Residents benefit from unparalleled connections to the research, facilities, expertise and students at the University of York.

The University of York is at the leading edge of many global research projects and is home to numerous centres of excellence, including their departments for Green Chemistry, Bioscience, Biology and Chemistry. Alongside these sit multiple world-renowned centres of research and development, including the Hull York Medical School, the York Neuroimaging Centre, the Centre for Immunology and Infection, the Biorenewables Development Centre, BioVale and the York Centre for Health Economics.

York has emerged as a city leading the way in the Biorenewables sector, benefitting from the world class research from the University of York, the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP), the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, the Centre for Innovation in Livestock (CIEL) and the National Non Food Crop Centre (NNFCC).

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