Science Park deal for York Data Services

15th August 2019

Science Park deal for York Data Services

York-based independent internet service provider York Data Services is celebrating after successfully renewing its contract with York Science Park.

York Data Services will provide the Park, where its head office is based, with full fibre internet capable of delivering speeds up to 10 Gigabit for another three years.


The contract renewal will mark two decades of York Data Services providing its state-of-the-art network and connectivity options to residents at York Science Park. This network helped it become the first fully enabled Science Park with Gigabit speed connectivity which was achieved in 2007, a few years ahead of full fibre being rolled out across York. Through this partnership, York Science Park remains the only business park in York with 10 Gigabit infrastructure capabilities.

A full fibre connection means internet is delivered at ultra high speeds with an increased reliability and reduced risk of dropouts, buffering and lag. York is fast becoming a gigabit city as providers like York Data Services are continuing to invest in futureproof infrastructure to enable businesses and residents to benefit from full fibre.

Claire Bennett, General Manager of York Science Park, said: “Being able to provide residents with the best connectivity options has always been a core part of what we do. It’s essential that businesses can have access to the connectivity they need to help their businesses grow. The internet is an essential part of modern business and being able to pick the very best packages means that our residents don’t ever have to worry about bad connectivity standing in the way of their growth.”

Mark Fordyce, Managing Director of York Data Services, explained: “The relationship we have built with York Science Park has enabled the Park to be at the forefront of digital connectivity for many years. Full fibre enables growth, increased productivity and efficiency in businesses of all sizes, and we’re committed to investing in our national network. As a resident on the Science Park ourselves, we’re delighted to be working with York Science Park and supporting our neighbouring businesses for another three years and believe this is a testament our excellent team and dependable service.”

Facilities Manager, Adam Douglas, said “we know that connectivity is just as essential to residents as any other utilities, often more so. We wanted to make sure that we could offer them the very best service to ensure their business can continue to grow well into the future. This agreement means that for the next three years our residents will have access to the best services available.”
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