World of Possibilities

World of Possibilities

World of Possibilities is an exciting new project that will help communities (local, global, children, students, businesses, differently abled or different cultures) enhance their creative capabilities and allow them to experiment with new technologies in a mindful environment as they develop global competence.

This will give people a new way of thinking about their work (at school, college, industry and business) enabling them to generate new ideas, which will help them in education and the workplace. We positively encourage global collaboration and will provide access to a worldwide network of like-minded people.

Why World of Possibilities?

Employers consistently report that creative problem solving and collaboration are two of the most needed AND most lacking skills in the current employee pool.

Two generations ago, people chose their career and expected to stay in that career until retirement. Millenials will change jobs during their working life at least once, if not frequently. The newest generations will feel the full effect of the technology boom. The job they choose as a career may suddenly transform, necessitating a shift in skills or knowledge. This shift requires a flexible and growth mindset and a robust set of creative skills.

People are inherently creative and lifelong learners. But rigid teaching styles and restrictive work environments slowly disengage them from those inherent abilities. Creativity continues to be categorised as fine arts, dancing, music, theatre, painting, etc. But as science and technology continue to develop at an overwhelming rate, people increasingly need to have creative thinking skills in their toolkit if they are going to adapt and prosper. It is no longer sufficient to have knowledge. We need to be able to adjust and adapt for continued survival.

World of Possibilities is an innovative concept that will address these problems and provide solutions.

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