M2international Ltd

M2international are a young vibrant software development company focussed on creating smart solutions for telecommunications providers.

M2i has a Worldwide team of dedicated expert software and product development engineers that allow us to stay at the cutting edge of technology and provide our customers with best in class solutions. We draw on our extensive knowledge and experience built up over decades of working for telecom operators and vendors to build new product and methodologies through our research and development, testing and implementation approach. Our methodology is to build product to specification fast, then iteratively enhance it. We have a shallow organisation structure and our biggest goal is to build products that are as useful and appreciated as they can be.

We build web solutions, API services and network-nodes for private enterprise and hosted environments with a strong focus on API centric front-end and back-end architectures. Some of our projects are end-to-end and encompass all elements of the user experience and back-end data interaction, while others build on other protocol stacks to allow developers to bridge industries.



T: 02039622321

Sectors: Technology & Software. Office Types: Private Offices. Locations: The Guildhall.

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