Humans Not Robots

Humans Not Robots

Humans Not Robots are a product company focused on enabling Media & Broadcast organisations to manage a cleaner, cheaper and, faster media supply chain.

We believe there is a timely and significant opportunity to bring the different parts of Media & Broadcast organisations together (i.e., technology, finance and strategy) to support a data driven approach to optimising activities with a view to saving at least 20% on organisational costs (be that carbon, money, or time) and to make a significant shift in perspective from looking solely at monetary costs to prioritising sustainability as part of content operations.

Our core product, DiSCO, provides operational and business observability across an organisations media supply chain activities to measure and better understand the true cost in terms of power usage, cost, and time. DiSCO guides an organisation through addressing change in the form of advisable actions and forecasting.  Additionally, we introduce a disruptive business model that rewards a reduction in waste rather than a usage-based model where a vendor is rewarded as a customer uses more of their services.

Sectors: Technology & Software. Office Types: Phase One Incubator Programme. Locations: Phase One Workspace.

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