Exodus Technologies

Exodus Technologies

Exodus Technologies Ltd is a startup preparing to catapult UK innovation in renewable energy for the affordable housing market to a position of global leadership. Our key goal is to create safe, inclusive and valuable renewable energy solutions at scale through specifically creating large, cost-effective off-grid communities for the social and affordable housing markets. We believe that the avenue to scale and the positive environmental impact of scale is only achievable through making sustainability affordable, attractive and financially viable to the occupant.

An ExodusHOME is a beautiful residential dwelling that generates its own local power through integrated solar, wind and thermal elements. instead of retro-fitting existing homes with these one at a time, aim to build entire developments at scale to create incredibly attractive sustainable communities.

Part of the mission is to show how current solutions limit the adoption of sustainable options by targeting homeowners, who must hope that over their lifetime, they see enough value from saving on utility bills to justify the up-front investment. This model takes what should be an environmental issue and makes it a personal finance decision. We must instead give home buyers the option of a cost-effective, modern and aesthetically superior dwelling that will impact their living standards both immediately and for the long-term.

We have set out to introduce self-sustaining, intelligent buildings by late 2022 by tackling the major CAPEX issues surrounding renewable forms of energy that limit its integration. With aggressive development of cost-effective hardware, we can stop the decision about renewable energy in the built environment being purely a financial one, and with that we can focus on what matters; minimising the use of fossil fuels to support homes and businesses.

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