Driven by a refreshing ethos to develop cost conscious solutions to real healthcare problems, EfficienC Software Group aims to build on the success of its trusted, established solutions, by investing in and developing a wider European and Global market share and broader market penetration.

EfficienC Software Group’s Outpatient Management System, “EfficienC DNA”, provides a totally paperless solution that meets the demands of even the largest and busiest outpatient department assisting them to run more efficient clinically, financially and operationally through the dramatic reduction in waiting lists and DNAs (“No Shows”).

“Letter Link” is targeted at replacing hard copy, paper letters and questionnaires with digital correspondence sent to the patient’s mobile device, thereby saving significant cost and effort over the usual fulfilment process.

EfficienC Software Group is also committed to providing outstanding customer service and ongoing solutions development and innovation to ensure it continues to meet the evolving needs and challenges of the healthcare market and its consumers, at home and abroad.



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