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David Cliff Design

Hey there! I’m David, a multi-skilled graphic designer based in the vibrant city of York, and I’ve been at this for nearly two decades, so you might say I know the ins and outs of this design world pretty darn well. My forte? Crafting brands that truly show what your business is all about, and creating packaging that begs to be picked up.

I’ve got a knack for connecting with my clients on a personal level. I’m not just here to create cool visuals; I want to dig into the heart of your business. By getting up close and personal, I can truly grasp what makes your company unique – and understand what your customers desire. This isn’t just design; it’s design with purpose.

I don’t work in a vacuum, oh no. Over the years, I’ve built a network of amazing partners – folks like photographers, writers, and even strategists. When your project lands on my desk, it’s like a symphony of talents coming together to make something awesome.

What’s really cool is that in York, folks know me as the go-to designer for quality work. That’s because I’ve put in the hours and the effort to earn that reputation. When you’ve been at this as long as I have, you learn the ropes, and you learn them well.

So, if you’re on the hunt for someone who not only knows their way around the laws of design composition, but also knows how to translate your business into visual magic, I’m your person. Let’s team up, have a chat, and turn your brand and packaging dreams into commercially effective reality.

W: www.davidcliff.design

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Having recently completed the Phase One incubator program at York Science Park, David’s path has been further enriched. This year-long program provided him with

“valuable insights, mentorship, and resources, catalysing the development of Patio Bright and its journey to market.”

As a seasoned branding and design consultant, David is proud to unveil his latest venture Patio Bright, a proprietary outdoor cleaning product poised to challenge the marketplace. With a background rooted in branding and design, David’s vision for Patio Bright was more than just a business venture; it was an opportunity to apply his years of expertise to a tangible project of his own, with real-world impact.


Patio Bright

Patio Bright is a commercial grade decking and patio cleaner, engineered to effortlessly breathe new life into your outdoor spaces. As a water-based concentrate, this potent formula boasts unrivalled strength, obliterating the visible presence of moss, algae, lichen, mould, and grime. Application is a breeze – simply spray the patio cleaner directly onto your outdoor surface, and let it work its magic.

Witness the transformation as Patio Bright gets to work, delivering visible results within 48 hours and a completely revitalised patio or decking area in just 1-2 weeks. What sets Patio Bright apart is its strength. With a versatile dilution ratio of 1:10 for regular use and up to 1:30 for follow-up treatments, you’re in command of the cleaning strength to match your surface conditions.

E: sales@patiobright.co.uk

W: patiobright.co.uk

T: 07595218652

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