Concrete4change (C4C) is an award-winning R&D company on a mission to decarbonise the construction industry through disruptive technological innovation.We recently won the United Nations most innovative technology award enabling the transition to net-zero at COP-26 in Glasgow and SDG from European Union.

Concrete is the second most consumed material in the world (second only to water) and accounts for 8% of the global CO2e emissions. Concrete4Change Ltd. (C4C) is developing a technology capable of sequestering significant amounts of CO2 in concrete. The sequestration of CO2 results in the strength enhancement of concrete; hence, reducing the amount of cement required to produce equivalent-strength concrete. Both CO2 sequestration and cement reduction can contribute to the reduction of the concrete’s CO2 footprint. This technology has the potential to mitigate 2 billion tonnes of CO2e emissions, the equivalent of 4% of global CO2e emissions.

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