Almabion Ltd

Almabion Ltd

Almabion’s main goal of their work, they see the scientific community to ensure high-quality reagents. With its own research and production facilities, as well as close links with industry across the globe, they are able to supply reagents directly to customers at a fair price. Markets of Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe, to which their activities are directed in the first instance, have their own characteristics, which they aim to take into account. Almabion are grateful to all who have expressed their wishes and comments on our work. They are also ready to cooperate with scientific, diagnostic, therapeutic and production teams on projects of various levels and complexity of gene synthesis to manufacture dosage forms. Their staff have undergone extensive training in the leading companies in Western Europe and eager to work with customers in the spirit of its best traditions and cultural values.

Contact: Margarita Pavlovets 01904 561592

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