We believe that world-class research should not be consigned to academic journals.

Addible has the capability to take you through the “valley of death” of innovation. We fill a knowledge gap that exists between lab-scale research, often carried out at academic institutions, and commercialization of new products, led by industry. We can:

• Assess your current process, identify issues, and design new processes in which those issues are avoided
• Understand and translate which suitable, developed technologies are out there, how accessible they are and how we might adapt them to your processes and problems
• Help you to identify and assess new opportunities, including those based on feedstock (e.g., biomass or waste), a change in technology (e.g., use of microwave processing) or accessing new products such as bio-based compounds
• Carry out targeted lab-scale research
• Demonstrate high-potential processes on a pilot-scale
• Design large-scale operations for successful technologies

We can tackle a wide range of issues from bio-based materials production and plastic recycling to new green routes to products and new chemical synthesis and would be happy to introduce ourselves to prospective clients.


Contact name: Fergal Byrne
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Phone: +44 7572 585271

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