Praetura Ventures launches £30m evergreen fund

15th May 2020

Praetura Ventures launches £30m evergreen fund

Praetura Ventures has established its first evergreen fund, to support “high-quality businesses.”

The Manchester-based investment firm has a history of investing in the region’s tech and digital sector, ranging from games studios to digital health platforms.

The organisation is aiming to raise up to £30m every year, with a soft close twice a year, with funds distributed across the North of England.


David Foreman, Managing Director at Praetura Ventures explained that these would include early-stage businesses looking for smaller, seed-stage investments as well as capital and support for more developed businesses that are looking to scale:

“We speak to entrepreneurs and business owners that are seeking investment every day of the week and we know there is a huge demand for capital and support, now more than ever. Many entrepreneurs are actively looking for an investment partner that can provide more than just money and work by their side as they plan for the future and navigate their way through the challenges presented by COVID-19.

“Demand is particularly evident in the North of England, and there are some really exciting businesses in sectors as varied as artificial intelligence and healthtech that are looking for support. This, coupled with the positive response we’ve received from our investors after successfully closing and deploying two EIS funds, truly demonstrates the size of the opportunity and ensures we’re well placed to provide that support.”

This year, Praetura has invested in healthcare start-up, Patchwork and Inotec AMD, a medtech business.

It has previously backed SaaS delivery management platform, Sorted Group, and AI and machine learning business, Peak.

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