York Mediale – Absent Sitters

York Mediale - Absent Sitters

Wednesday 21 October (10:00 am)


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A virtual séance for culture in 2020

An unsettling portrayal of culture in 2020 and a reflection on what we’ve missed, Absent Sitters is a digitally abstracted online audiovisual experience.

Be transported from your chair and through your screen to explore the missing performance.


In this intimate, shared event, you will be guided by a performer medium to investigate what is live performance in 2020? Are we live? Can we connect? Who are you?

One of the UK’s most vital contemporary voices in electronic music – Gazelle Twin, in collaboration with artist and filmmaker, Kit Monkman and the University of York, Music Department (UoYMD), experiment with a new form of performance.

Taking part via video call, you will become part of an online audio-visual experience that examines the power of ‘collective imagination’ and the importance of ‘presence/absence’ in a live event.

Absent Sitters is brought to you as a world premiere by York Mediale.