WMB August 2019 Evening Networking Get Together

WMB August 2019 Evening Networking Get Together

Monday 12 August (7:00 pm)

DoubleTree by Hilton York

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3 hours of sociable, relaxed networking, with likeminded business women.

We meet at the same place and follow the same format every month (apart from at Christmas when it’s even MORE relaxed…and there has been ‘Christmas Jumpers’ :0) so it will become less strange/daunting the more you come (trust me!)


The format – not that there really is one!

  • Arrive at the venue for a 7pm (ish) start
  • Go to the Bar, tell the lovely bar staff your name and that you are here for networking, and get your welcome drink :0)
  • You will see us over in our room just across from the bar, (looks like a big conservatory), and I’m usually there by 6.30. Some find it can be easier to come a little earlier than 7 so you don’t have to walk into a full room. If this sounds good to you, feel free to come any time from 6.30. Also, if you can’t make a 7 start that’s fine too, just join us when you can.
  • I always try to meet everyone on arrival so do look out for me and come say hi (WARNING I’m a hugger!)
  • There will be goody bags out on the counter top. This is for you to add your business cards, leaflets, offers, samples, goodies to, etc (only if you want obviously) We do this so there is no uncomfortable business card pushing. A few days before the get together I’ll let everybody know final numbers, so you know how many to bring (max is 70)
  • Chat to the other women there – work the room, move around, talk to as many as you like/as possible! If you ever feel ‘stuck’ or unable to join new conversations, just come find me and I’ll help (we have many others that will help too, we really aren’t a bad bunch!)
  • At the end of the evening, 10pm ish, don’t forget to grab a goody bag
  • The following day do post in the group, to say hello to those you didn’t get chance to speak to, and tell everyone a bit about you and what you do

Tickets include all booking fees and your welcome drink (hot, soft or alcoholic) and the bar is open all evening to purchase more drinks and food can be ordered too.

P.S. This Networking Event is for BUSINESS WOMEN ONLY
(men purchasing tickets will be turned away at the door and not refunded so please don’t buy tickets!)

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