What is the problem and whose problem is it?

What is the problem and whose problem is it?

Wednesday 30 October (8:30 pm)

York St John University, York

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A collaborative conversation for our future. How can we work together to solve big problems through creative thinking and practical action?

Presented by Kaizen Arts Agency, My Future York, The Guild of Media Arts.


The event aims to discover, explore and pin point how grass roots practical action can influence top down strategy and how that strategy can translate into practical action – to question assumptions, to disrupt prescribed methodologies and create a platform for good change, inspiring a move towards cultural democracy. The discussion attempts to build bridges, join up thinking and ideas, and influence an action plan for key stakeholders in the city (this includes all people who want to be involved in making York a more vibrant and collaborative place – intergenerational, interdisciplinary, private, public and community sectors).

We are inviting historians, councillors, teenagers, creatives practitioners, students, environmental activists – everyone who would like to join this collaborative hustings. We want to communicate the notion that every one of us is creative, and we want to promote this within our communities – culture is made by us, not for us.

This long table event will aim to be inclusive and empathetic, and give those who may not always be heard, a chance to pipe up. The door is open, you are more than welcome.

Temple Hall, York St John University.