The York Roadmap to Post-COVID Recovery: Response, Resilience and Recovery Plan

The York Roadmap to Post-COVID Recovery: Response, Resilience and Recovery Plan

Tuesday 2 June (7:00 pm)


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As we adapt to a new normal and plan our recovery post COVID-19, how can York achieve inclusive economic recovery in a way that benefits everyone?


Our expert panel of speakers, chaired by Greg Dyke, former BBC Director General and now Chair of Make it York, set out York’s ambition to play a key role in a national and international road to economic and societal post-Covid-19 recovery.

How has York responded and reacted to the COVID-19 crisis? How have communities helped the vulnerable and alienated? And how can we harness that community spirit and work with national government to create a resilient recovery that works for everyone?

Due to its size, economic structure, universities and geography, could York act as an ideal pilot location for positive solutions nationally as we move forward?

Our speakers include Charlie Jeffery, Vice-Chancellor of the University of York, who will outline ideas for driving skills, innovation, growth, R&D capacity, inward investment and support for inclusive economic growth. Signe Jungersted, CEO of Group NAO, helped transform tourism in Copenhagen, and will discuss the future nature of travel and tourism, as well as urban centres more generally.

York-based Juliana Delaney, CEO of Continuum Attractions, will talk about the impacts of the lockdown and resilience, while Walter Boettcher, Chief Economist at Colliers International, will provide a national perspective and outline the reforms and change needed as we plan for the future.

Joanna Norris, Chief Executive of ChristchurchNZ, will provide insights and reflections on how the people of Christchurch, New Zealand, have responded to the crisis, and will explain how ChristchurchNZ is supporting a future-focused economic recovery in this pandemic era. In addition, what lessons can we learn from the way Christchurch responded to the 2011 earthquake?

Join in the conversation through our interactive Q&As as we explore York’s vision and leadership capacity to actively and ambitiously drive societal and economic recovery.