Reviewing and negotiating contracts

Reviewing and negotiating contracts

Tuesday 26 November (5:00 pm)

Da Vinci Suite, The Catalyst

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Reviewing and negotiating contracts can seem daunting and complicated but it’s a key skill for any business owner.

The ability to understand and negotiate contracts is an essential skill for any business owner.


This session will look at the main provisions in commercial contracts, which are relevant for both suppliers and customers.

With practical experience of contract negotiation from both sides, Ward Hadaway will go through essential provisions for every contract and which elements need to be highlighted for further consideration.

They will look at a variety of examples, including IT Services Agreements, Sale of Goods Agreements, Software Development Agreements and Consultancy Agreements.

This event is hosted by Phase One in collaboration with Ward Hadaway to support the development of early stage, startup and pre-startup businesses in York.