“None of us are superhuman” How to manage workplace stress

“None of us are superhuman” How to manage workplace stress

Thursday 23 May (9:30 am)

Everyman Cinema, Blossom Street

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Managing stress at work: a personal and commercial perspective

Stress is a major cause of sickness absence in the workplace. It affects individuals, their families and colleagues by impacting on their health but it also impacts on employers with costs relating to sickness absence, replacement staff, lost production and sales as well as increased accidents.


If you’re a Line Manager, HR Manager/Director or business owner, then you’ll be keen to support your team in recognising and responding positively to signs of stress in the workplace and to provide them with tools to enable personal wellbeing and resilience.

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Appreciate the importance of recognising and responding to signs of stress in yourself and your colleagues
  • Provide practical tools and techniques to manage personal stress in the workplace and help build resilience to key stressors
  • Understand your obligations as an employer to protect employee’s mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and the consequences of failing to do so
  • Evaluate the impact of legal framework on managing particular scenarios
  • Identify an appropriate strategy to support and assist a colleague in reaching the standard of performance required of them
  • Use tools to make an assessment of any reasonable adjustments needed to accommodate a colleague’s mental health condition

Using interactive methods and exercises throughout the workshop will ensure participant engagement and bringing the key messages to life.

You’ll learn practical tips and procedures to help manage someone suffering from stress which will help both them as an employee and you as an employer resolve the situation productively and minimise associated business risks.

The workshop will be run by Alpaca Professional Services who, by combining the backgrounds and skills of two facilitators (Caroline Foreman – People and Leah de Vries – Legal) means you’ll benefit by exploring managing stress from both a wellbeing and commercial perspective.