Learning Lunch: Communication Skills

Learning Lunch: Communication Skills

Tuesday 20 August (12:00 pm)


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Join us for our next Learning Lunch where there will be an opportunity to network over a buffet lunch followed by an interactive presentation from Mike Astrop from Smartstyle Training on communication skills.

Communication Illusion – Why We Only Think We Are Connecting


How often do you think someone knows what you said, but it turns out that they didn’t? What happens next? Sometimes the result can be funny, but it’s usually not. In a business, it can be expensive, but it can be even more expensive in a relationship.

This is why communication can be an illusion. An illusion that communication has occurred, but in actuality, it has not, both people think they understand what has been passed between them, but the ideas they have are not the same and they are not connecting.

Today’s talk will try and explore the barriers that stop us connecting and create the illusion. It will explore:

The three key types of barrier to communication

Look at the non-verbal behaviour that makes us know what someone is going to say before they say it

The effect our behaviours has on other people’s understanding of our meaning

Impact of unconscious bias, how it is created and how our own biases positively support us, but may negatively impact on others

Using the AMPS technique to ensure the message gets through

Filling the pool of shared meaning with the three C’s of listening

How do you try to prevent the misunderstanding in the first place

Words exist to move ideas from one person to another we call this transfer “communication.” – being as careful and precise as possible, checking the results frequently, will make sure the transfer works for everyone involved..

A short session with some interactive exercises and activities.


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