Leading in Uncertainty

Leading in Uncertainty

Monday 29 June (1:00 pm)


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This 60 minute live session aims to provide leaders and managers with the knowledge and practice of key approaches to lead effectively through challenge and uncertainty.

We will examine the psychological and practical impact of working in an uncertain environment, and how this can effect performance.


We will introduce research-based models for navigating your team through the fog, which will increase your chances of coming out the other side stronger and with new competitive advantages.  This is a highly interactive workshop which will focus on the practical application of psychologically based theories for real-world impact.

The session will look at:

  • The psychological impact of uncertainty, and how to engage with this as a manager
  • Coach, mentor and communicate strategically, with authenticity and emotional intelligence
  • An introduction to agile tools and frameworks to orientate yourself, and the organisation, to the current situation, and quickly establish new objectives
  • Effectively communicate with colleagues and clients during uncertain times