Just when you thought it was all over – GDPR Change is on the way!

Just when you thought it was all over - GDPR Change is on the way!

Tuesday 16 July (9:30 am)

York Sports Club, York

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One year after GDPR was introduced what does the landscape look like, what are the Data Protection pitfalls and what enforcement actions are being undertaken? And, importantly, what’s next for UK GDPR?


What content will be covered?

GDPR did not stop on 25th May 2018; this was only the beginning. This workshop will give you timely and up-to-date information on the next “hot topics” in Data Protection Law that affects how businesses operate, in particular in a post-Brexit era.

Hot topics will include:

  1. Dealing with personal data in a post-Brexit era
  2. One year on from GDPR: what are businesses doing and where have businesses been investigated by the ICO
  3. Principle 6 Compliance – annual refresher training to ensure organisational and technical measures in place

What will I learn and do differently by attending?

Delivered through a mixture of presentation, round-table discussions and the sharing of challenges and good practices, you will learn and understand:

  • Changes in Data Protection Law
  • Compliance with regard GDPR – risks and enforcement actions if you fail to comply
  • Importance of staff development around Data Protection and Information Security

You will be able to make changes to your own Data Protection procedures by:

  • Implementing changes required for post-Brexit
  • Preparing for UK GDPR changes
  • Implementing induction and on-going Data Protection & Information Security training
  • Implementing Annual Data Protection & Information Security Refresher training

Who is this workshop for?

Business owners, directors and managers, L&D, HR and Information Security and Business Operations managers where the business is processing Personal Data and the business employs more than five employees.

Why should I attend?

Take advantage of this opportunity to keep your knowledge and understanding of UK GDPR up to date by:

  • Acquiring current information on GDPR law and its implementation from experts
  • Exploring best practice to apply to your own organisation
  • Avoiding mistakes of others who have fallen foul of enforcement actions

Who is delivering the workshop?

This informative and interactive workshop is being delivered collaboratively by Samantha Dunwell, Dunwell Data Protection and Jane Fisher, Jane Fish Associates. Both Sam and Jane regularly run workshops to help businesses understand and implement changes to operations and proceedures to ensure they remain compliant with regulation and law. Previous workshops included the awareness of and implementation of GDPR before its introduction in May 2018.