How to spend less time on more of the right things on social media

How to spend less time on more of the right things on social media

Tuesday 19 February (9:00 am)

The National Centre for Early Music

Do you feel you’re spending vast amounts of time on social media activity for the business but the subsequent results are extremely poor?

Well stop what you’re doing and start seeing great marketing results by attending this workshop and use social media much more effectively for your business.

Understand which platforms are right for your business and cut out wasted time, energy and money.

In addition to using the most appropriate platforms to reach your audience, find out about resources available to you in terms of time, tools and budget which will deliver your social media goals and recognise which content works well for you, what needs to be improved and which activities must stop.

Is this for me?

This workshop is ideal for you if you feel your social media is a “bit all over the place”, you have duplicate profiles that need tidying up or you’re not sure if your profiles are optimised for the search engines properly.

So if you’re a social media manager or someone with marketing responsibilities then absolutely this is for you.

Book your place and leave with a greater understanding of how to use social media effectively for the business; which social media platforms to use and why, which types of content work and what resources you need to implement your social media plan.

Who will be sharing their pearls of wisdom?

With a background in marketing, Rachel Moore took her first business online in 2008. Having struggled with the whole “online” transition herself it quickly became apparent that if she was struggling (and knew a thing or two about marketing) then how was the average business going to manage?

Rachel soon realised other businesses would require assistance so, in early 2014 set up Rachel Moore Social Media to use a non-jargon approach to help businesses learn how to use social media effectively to drive traffic to their website to increase sales and profits.

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