Google Analytics for Business

Google Analytics for Business

Friday 15 February (9:00 am)

York St John University

Do you understand how to use Google Analytics for your business?

Google Analytics is a must have tool to analyse and understand how your customers use your website and how successful you are online.

This workshop will enable you to understand how effective your marketing campaigns are, the types of users who visit your website and how to recognise success.

What will be covered?

Getting started with Google Analytics
Understand how Google Analytics works including account set up and standard features and interface.

Understand the types of users who visit your website and how.


Where do your visitors come from? How to understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Once on your site, how does your audience interact with you, what’s their behaviour, where do they exit, what are the key journeys they take?

How do you measure and track the success of your website? What do you consider a business objective?

Who is this workshop suited to?

This will be a hands-on workshop so we recommend you bring your own laptop / mobile device in order to have access to your own Google Analytics account.

The approach to the day will be ‘progressive’, starting from beginner through to an intermediate level user, thus allowing everyone to build their knowledge throughout the day.

Michael Rippon heads up the Conversion Rate Optimisation team at Raindrop Digital, a digital optimisation agency operating out of York and Manchester. Responsible for analytics, conversion optimisation and product performance across B2B & B2C businesses in a range of verticals with a primary focus on SMEs.

Michael enables and empowers start-up founders, small business owners and scale ups to amplify their ambitions and grow their enterprises by exponentially improving online revenue.

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