Finance function for the future

Finance function for the future

Wednesday 1 April (9:30 am)

Rodin Blue

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The world of accountancy has been, and continues to be, shaken up by vast improvements in technology.

The rise of online accounting packages, scanning technology and artificial intelligence means it’s an incredibly exciting, if not slightly turbulent, time to be an accountant.


In this session, we will talk about:

  • How accountants are changing from reporting the past to analysing the business’s future
  • Why business owners can benefit in understanding these changes
  • Ways to change a business’s structure and processes to help it thrive

This event is suitable for business owners who want to ensure their finance function is taking advantage of the fast-paced developments in technology.

This event is hosted by Phase One in collaboration with Hale Portfolio to support the development of early stage, startup and pre-startup businesses in York.