Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation Skills during Change

Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation Skills during Change

Friday 1 May (12:00 am)


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An introduction to Coaching, 4 X 10 minute recorded videos by Alex Firmin.

An introduction to the key coaching and mentoring skills that will enable managers to approach professional development conversations with confidence. Managers will be able to apply coaching tools and best practice methods to support their colleagues effectively during the process of change.


The course will help to give managers confidence and structure when communicating with colleagues throughout and after the Covid crisis.

Use goal setting to quickly re-establish a high-performance mindset with followers and return to ‘business as usual’ where possible.

Be able to understand the impact of change and uncertainty, and systematically support followers through the process of change.

Course Content

4 x 10 minute recorded videos including the following sessions:

Session 1:

Define coaching and mentoring

Discuss the differences and the similarities

Identify when to engage coaching and mentoring skills

Session 2:

Define each stage of the GROW model

Confidently apply the GROW model as both a coach and a mentor

Session 3:

State why goal setting is important, and how goals enhance performance

Identify how to set clear goals with followers.

Session 4:

Examine how change and challenge affects performance and motivation

Identify the role of coaching and mentoring in creating structure and support for followers going through change