Building your business plan

Building your business plan

Monday 28 January (5:00 pm)

Rodin Blue

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If you don’t have a strong business plan how do you know where your business is going, or when it’s going to get there?

Solid business plans are crucial for the success of any businesses. Start-ups with good business plans are more likely to thrive if they know where they are going and can communicate their message to customers, employees and potential investors.


In this session, we will:

  • Discuss your values and vision
  • Analyse your business or business idea
  • Consider the need for an overarching strategy
  • Discuss the importance of including robust financial models and
  • Learn why the business plan needs to be a dynamic document with specific objectives

This event is hosted by Phase One in collaboration with Hale Portfolio to support the development of early stage, startup and pre-startup businesses in York.