A World of Wonder

A World of Wonder

Tuesday 4 June (7:15 pm)

York Minster

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Taking place in the magnificent setting of York Minster, our inspiring launch event shines a light on our festival theme, A World of Wonder, simultaneously exploring our wonderful world and the incredible wonder of humanity.


Astronomer Royal and bestselling author Martin Rees discusses how humanity’s prospects are bound to the future of science, hinging on how successfully we harness technological advances to address our challenges.
In a talk ranging from the Reformation to Brexit, award-winning journalist Misha Glenny tries to identify why the world finds itself in such a perilous situation just 30 years after one of the great moments of historical optimism – the revolutions in Eastern Europe.

And former Beirut hostage, humanitarian and author Terry Waite reflects on his time in captivity and shares his experiences of forgiveness, peace and reconciliation.