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Springboard | Office Space for New Business Start-ups

…a vibrant environment for your new business to start and flourish

Springboard is York Science Park’s exciting, unique programme specifically designed to cater for the needs of very early stage businesses and entrepreneurs.  The aim is to provide a nurturing environment that stimulates creativity, and supports entrepreneurs to transform ideas into lucrative, sustainable businesses.

Office accommodation is high-quality and low cost, located within one of our prestige buildings at York Science Park, adjacent to the world-class University of York.


Cost of Suite (per month) Excluding VAT



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Springboard offers residents a dynamic environment where business people, academic departments and world class researchers can collaborate, leading to innovative solutions and business opportunities. Residents also benefit from direct access to the University of York’s Research and Innovation Office and Science City York offering further support in helping new ventures to establish and grow. You will also have access to our Bitesize Business Lunch programme of events to help maximise your knowledge and network of industry contacts.

Established in 2010, it has already helped many new businesses grow and flourish, with a number moving into a larger space in The Catalyst.

You can check the current availability of Springboard by emailing enquiries@yorksciencepark.co.uk for further information.
Spaces are limited and subject to criteria. Your business must be under 12 months old to qualify.

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