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Office Space is available now and our flexible offer and dedicated team can have your business up and running very quickly.

Whether you are a small start-up business, more established or, an international business looking for a soft landing space in the UK, contact us to find out about what is currently available to suit your needs.

Office Space is available to meet your requirements and we regularly upgrade businesses into the next size office or laboratory as they grow and need more space. Your office can be fitted out to your requirements and de-mountable partitioning in most locations makes changes and space creation cost effective for your business.

Please come and have a look around at the sizes and shapes available, there are too many to list on here. 

To book a show around please email enquiries@yorksciencepark.co.uk and let us know your requirements.

Find out more about the Science, Technology and Creative Industries in York and make an enquiry.

Location Type Sq Ft
Bio Centre Suite 0.51 190
  Suite 0.61 460
  Lab 1.51 145
  Lab 1.52a 215
  Lab 1.52b 455
  Lab 1.54 345
  Lab 1.55 650
  Lab 1.56 380

“Our first six months in Springboard have been incredibly busy and very exciting. With our combined experience and expertise in both commercial and residential property we have already been able to secure and deliver three quite complex projects which our clients are delighted with.
Jonathan Emmott - Director , Expresso Investments
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