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Meet the Team

Claire Bennett
General Manager
Claire leads our team on the delivery of the organisational strategy, ensures residents receive the support they need to grow and thrive, and oversees the introduction of new services. 

Claire joined the YSPL team from York Conferences, where she had 14 years experience as their Conference and Events Manager. 

Claire is excited to help us deliver our great range of new services, helping to support some of the most innovative companies from the area. 
Olivia Chatten
Business Development Coordinator
Olivia helps support our business development and is involved with Sales and Marketing.

Olivia handles sales enquiries, carries out showrounds, manages relationships with resident companies and she is keen to arrange events that help support our residents. 

Olivia also provides cover for all of the receptions.

If you'd like to know more about the services we can offer at York Science Park call Olivia now on 01904 435100 or email
Call now on 01904 435100 or email
Adam Douglas
Facilities Assistant

Adam is part of York Science Park's dedicated Facilities team. 

Adam has over five years’ experience in the facilities team, which has given him the skills that enable him to ensure the smooth running and maintenance of the buildings that make up York Science Park.

Adam is keen to ensure that as a team we continually strive to improve facilities to keep York Science Park as the place to come and run your business. 

Wendy Redfern
Centre Coordinator
Wendy is based in The Catalyst, where she will meet and greet visitors and service the meeting rooms in the centre. She will issue your parking permits, handle all your post and provides support to the YSPL team.

Wendy always ensures a friendly welcome.
Rosemarie Brannan
Centre Coordinator

Rosemarie is primarily based in the IT Building in the mornings, where she will meet and greet your visitors whilst servicing the three meeting rooms in the centre.

Rosie regularly receives great feedback and loves providing great customer service.

Jane Rush
Centre Coordinator
Jane is the Centre Coordinator for the IT Centre in the afternoon. She provides great customer service to her residents and guests. She greets visitors, handles deliveries, deals with phone calls and greets everyone with her great smile and positive personality. 

Sandra Thomson
Centre Coordinator
Sandra covers receptions in all of our buildings, mainly during lunch hours.

When she's not servicing meeting rooms or greeting guests Sandra also provides support for the YSPL team and deals with credit control tasks. 

Sandra enjoys providing great customer service and is always happy to help. 
Bev Shields
Centre Coordintor
Bev is based in the Innovation Centre where she greets guests, services meeting rooms, helps support residents and always delivers great customer service. 

Bev also deals with incoming accounts and finance queries, along with providing diary management assistance to our GM, and supporting our range of virtual office residents. 

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