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Video Conferencing

York Science Park has invested in state of the art IP and ISDN based video conferencing equipment located within our Presentation Suite in the IT Centre.

Video conferencing is the natural, inexpensive, green successor to the physical 'in-person' meeting. Our video conferencing facilities can save on operational expenses by reducing unnecessary travel while effectively enhancing the productivity of your staff.

Using either high speed internet based connections or ISDN dial up, you are even able to run a presentation from your laptop to your audience.

Some of the features of our service include:

  • High Bandwidth Capabilities - providing broadcasting quality to deliver exceptionally smooth video and crystal clear audio
  • IP Capability - greatly reduces expensive call costs.
  • ISDN Capability - allowing flexibility to where ever in the world you wish contact.
  • Data Sharing - Laptop computers and audio visual equipment can be used with the system, making your conference complete.
  • Enhanced Security - secure password authentication provides peace of mind and secure calls.

This facility comprises of a video conference unit and 42'' plasma screen which offers a full screen display and a window which can be switched to near or far end viewing by use of the remote control. Cameras at our end can be zoomed, panned or tilted as required (dependant on compatibility). The near end camera can be set to move to the speaker in the room and pre-set camera positions can be saved prior to the conference.

A test call should precede the real call by several days and all aspects should be tested. Suitable times for testing can be arranged with our Conference Co-ordinator. Please email for more information.

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