Science, Technology and Creative Industries in York
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Science, Technology and Creative Industries in York

Over the last ten years, 800 million has been invested into York’s science and technology infrastructure, resulting in a strong network of more than 500 science and technology related businesses.

Powered by world class research in the two Universities, York has specialist expertise in biosciences, healthcare, medical research, biorenewables, environmental research, IT and digital and creative technologies.

Young dynamic companies, including many based at York Science Park, sit alongside global research giants such as Smith and Nephew and The Food Environment Research Agency (FERA).


Benefitting from world leading biology, chemistry and environment departments at the University of York, there are more than 130 bioscience based businesses specializing in key areas of Healthcare and Medical Technologies, Biorenewables and Environmental Research.

Healthcare and medical technologies – York was recognized as a future Health Hub, by the HSBC’s Future of Business Report 2011. The University of York is leading the way in developing a cure for malaria from plant technology, finding vaccines for fatal diseases including HIV and AIDS and cures for cystic fibrosis and a variety of cancers. Researchers sit alongside the Hull York Medical School, the York Neuroimaging Centre, the Centre for Immunology and Infection and the York Centre for Health Economics, recognized as a world leader in 25 years of improving health performance and productivity.

Biorenewables – an emerging strength in the city, the biorenewables industry benefits from world class research at the University of York, including The Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP), the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence and the National Non Food Crops Centre (NNFCC). The research is strongly linked to industry with collaborations with FERA, Drax Power Station, Unilever, Croda Chemicals and Clariant UK Ltd.

Environmental Research – York is home to one of the largest concentrations of environmental researchers in the UK. The York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI) brings together 90 researchers and the city is home to the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Centre for Low Carbon Futures.

Creative Industries:

The Creative Sector is the fastest growing sector in York with 250 businesses employing 8000 people. More than £100 million has been invested in media arts facilities and resources to support the sector by York’s two universities, including the brand new Department of Theatre Film and TV on the University of York campus located next to The Catalyst and Springboard.

Video written and produced by One&Other, York based Meida Brand and Creative Agency

City of Media Arts

York is very proud to have recently secured UNESCO status as a City of Media Arts

I Love Filming In...Yorkshire

The I Love Filming In... series is a brand new collaboration between Creative England and VisitEngland aimed at showcasing the wealth of filming locations on offer outside of London.

Bill Films used The Catalyst as their Yorkshire production offices in March 2014 whilst filming the "Horrible Histories" feature film of William Shakespeare.

IT & Digital:

Closely linked to the city’s growing creative industries is the IT and digital technologies sector.

York is home to a thriving community of 100 ICT, electronics, software and digital industries businesses employing more than 2,400 people. Building on the strengths of the University of York’s Computer Science and Electronics Departments which provide specialist knowledge in safety critical systems such as car braking, flight control and communication networks, embedded transport and digital computer systems and advanced ways of improving patient care.

Being based in York at the Science Park provides a stimulating environment for entrepreneurs, researchers and organisations from the digital industries to collaborate and innovate which ever sector they are in.

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