2016 - York Science Parks 25th Anniversary
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2016 marks the 25th Anniversary of York Science Park. To mark their year of celebration, they commissioned an official 25th Anniversary Economic Impact Report, sponsored some key events in the business calendar, and celebrated with a 25th Anniversary Reception, and residents summer party. 

Economic Impact Report

To commemorate their anniversary, the Science Park commissioned an Economic Impact Report to identify the science park’s economic impact on the local and regional economies as well as the growth and success of resident companies. 

For such a momentous task, they chose MMM Communications as their delivery partners. Having worked with prestigious clients including Rolls Royce and Network Rail, they had years of experience in combing their communication skills with the key data and statistical gathering and analysis that such a task required. 

The figures revealed in the report show an incredible record for business growth and survival rates for companies based on the Science Park, as well as illustrating the impressive amount of time saved through the provision of facilities and managed services offered by the YSPL team. 

“For businesses based in ‘normal’ office space or working from home, national figures show that only 45% of businesses are likely to survive longer than five years,” says Science Park CEO Tracey Smith. “Among Science Park residents, that figure increases to 80%. The business growth figures are equally impressive; only 33% of UK SMEs reported growth in 2014-15 but that figure was 89% for businesses based at the Science Park.”

Tracey believes that “the value of being located at the Science Park cannot be measured on a purely financial basis, although we do save our residents a lot of their time and stress sorting out things like cleaning, reception, post services and facilities. My team work incredibly hard to provide our residents with the support they need, whether it’s connections via our extensive network, a place on one of our many business support events, or just a friendly face to welcome their visitors and meeting delegates in a professional yet personal manner."

To read more about the history of York Science Park, to learn about some of the prestigious residents and for more information about YSPL success stories, download a copy of the Impact Report below. 

Impact Video

As part of the Economic Impact Report, the Science Park also commissioned the production of a video documenting the story of the Science park, and featuring insights from some of the Science Park's current residents and prestigious alumni. 

To see the video, please click play below - 

YSPL History

The Science Park Company joint venture agreement was signed on 2 May 1991, and in August that year building work started on the park’s first building – a custom build for anchor tenant, Smith and Nephew. This set the Science Park on its journey to becoming the vibrant community of innovative businesses it is today.

The doors to the Innovation Centre – the first of the Science Park’s managed buildings - opened in 1995, and the park has undergone a massive expansion since. Over the past 25 years YSPL has provided a home to 424 businesses, working at the cutting edge of a diverse range of sectors, including biorenewables, gaming, design, media, geospatial data, IT infrastructure and medicine. The park currently supports 1,500 jobs, and resident companies are contributing an incredible £70m to York’s economy every year.

Tracey Smith, CEO, says she is incredibly proud of everything the park has achieved to date: “I am constantly in awe of the amazing work carried out by our residents, and how for a quarter of a century they have been changing the face of their sectors. Some of the work that has taken place on the Science Park has changed the way we live, and I look forward to seeing what our residents develop over the next 25 years!”

The history of the park has included many successful stories of growth, innovation and inspiration. The full story of the development of the Science Park is covered in the 'History of YSPL' book, written by Dr Robert Brech. If you would like a copy, please email enquiries@yorksciencepark.co.uk.

25th Anniversary Reception

As part of their anniversary celebrations, the Science Park invited a host of YSPL VIPs to their Anniversary Party. 

Those invited included individuals connected with the University, dating back to the period of initial discussions about the Science Park, along with current and previous suppliers, existing residents, alumni, professional contacts and partners from the past 25 years. 

The event included a welcome from Tracey Smith, CEO of YSPL, a presentation from Dr Robert Brech on the history of the park, and a presentation from MMM Communications introducing the Anniversary Impact Report. 

The evening provided attendees with an opportunity to network, meet old and new connections, learn more about the history of the park, and look back over the past 25 years with a sense of reflection. There were even photos dating back to the 1980s, and the very early stages of the Science Parks history, for those attending to look at, and occasionally chuckle over. 

To see the photos from the event, please visit our gallery

YSPL Residents Summer Party

As part of their 25th celebrations, the Science Park held a summer party for residents in July.

Along with the presentation of the Anniversary Economic Impact Report, residents were treated to an anniversary themed musical quiz, photo booth, hog roast, and thanks to the lovely weather residents were able to enjoy the evening ending with an ice cream in the sunshine.  

To see photos of the event (including those from inside the photo booth!), please visit our gallery

Thanks to our Sponsors

Our 25th Anniversary has been an excellent opportunity for us to look back and recognise all those who have helped to contribute to our growth. We would like to acknowledge those who have been involved in our development, and those who have contributed to our 25th Anniversary project.

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