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Fri 3rd November
York on track to become a gigabit city
Work has now started in the village of Dringhouses marking the start of the second phase of York’s ultra-fibre optic network from TalkTalk.

The telecommunications firm has officially started work on the second phase of the project that will provide ultra-fast internet to nearly 55,000 homes and business across York over the next two years.

Tristia Harrison, CEO of TalkTalk, visited the Dringhouses sit on Tuesday 31st October with Councillor David Carr, Leader of City of York Council.

York’s ultra-fibre optic is a brand new, next-generation full fibre network with speeds of 1 gigabit (1000Mbps).

Once the network is completed, York will be UK’s first ultra-fibre optic city - the first city in the UK to have city-wide full fibre all the way from the exchange into homes or businesses that is both accessible and affordable for the properties it passes, making it a ‘Gigabit City’.

Ultra-fibre optics are the future of internet connectivity globally and, once connected, is completely scalable and therefore future proof.

Costing no more than standard broadband, it is one hundred times faster, with no difference between download and upload speeds, even when everyone is online at the same time.

People will be able to download and upload videos, music, photos and apps in a matter of seconds, play online games with no time delays and Skype family or business colleagues without frozen faces or buffering.

York’s ultra-fibre optic network has already been installed in an initial pilot towards the north of the city and is currently available to 15,000 homes and businesses across Rawcliffe, Clifton, Huntington, New Earswick and parts of the Groves. 

The work that commenced in Dringhouses this week begins the second stage of the project which will reach another 40,000 homes and businesses in York over the next two years.

The first homes and premises in this next stage will be connected early next year.

Tristia Harrison, CEO of TalkTalk, said: “The volume of internet traffic is set to double every two years and the UK is far behind many other developed countries in regards to fibre to the home or premises coverage.

“Broadband needs to be treated as a fourth ‘utility’ with sufficient capacity to allow data to flow at the volume, speed and reliability required to meet the demands of modern life. This is the approach we are taking in York.

“York’s Ultra Fibre Optic project is a really important project for TalkTalk and York is an ideal size and type of city to test a cost-effective method of building a full fibre network.

“We’re delighted to be starting the next phase to bring the most advanced internet technology available, at an affordable price to homes and businesses across the city.”

Mary Weastell, chief executive, City of York Council said: “This continued partnership is cementing York’s reputation as one of the most connected places in the country – a true Gigabit city.

“The extension of Ultra Fast Fibre Optic is fantastic news, making York an even better place to live and do business.”

Councillor David Carr, the leader of City of York Council, said: “This investment is transforming York’s digital landscape, providing better quality and value for residents and creating new opportunities for businesses.

“It will undoubtedly help to create new jobs and attract investment by making York an enviable business destination.”

The network is installed using ‘narrow trenching’, a specifically developed digger that makes a 15cm channel in the pavements along the streets that are being connected.

Highly experienced engineers then dig a small trench direct to the homes or businesses that want to be connected and everything is put back as it was after the fibre has been installed.

Data has shown the UK is far behind nearly every other developed country in the world for ‘fibre to the premises’ network coverage.

For example, Portugal and Spain have coverage of 50-60% while the UK has just 2%, highlighting the need for Ultra Fibre Optic broadband.

For the full story please see the BQ website. 

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