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Tue 10th October
World first in live TV created by York firm
A YORK-based software developer has revolutionised the way live television is produced after working with the BBC on a world-first project.

Isotoma, based in Swinegate, was enlisted by the BBC to help its Research & Development team with the creation of IP Studio - its next generation IP-network based broadcast television platform.

Dubbed by Isotoma as “one of the most challenging” short-term projects they have ever enountered, the work saw a team from York was deployed to the BBC’s studios in Salford to create the user software to bring to life the IP Studio technology.

The system was created in a bid to reduce the cost, equipment and personnel required to broadcast live events, allowing BBC staff to use standard IT requirement and lightweight Ultra HD cameras rather than OB trucks, multiple large cameras and complex rigging.

The live footage captured is sent via the internet to a remote production unit with a virtual mixing desk which can cut, crop and mix it in real-time from a web browser before streaming.

The system has been designed to be controlled by a single camera operator, one or two fixed cameras and an editor, all using software created by Isotoma.

Isotoma director, Doug Winter who worked directly with the BBC on site at Media City in Manchester on this project, said: “Video mixing is a core application for live television, taking multiple video and audio inputs in real-time and providing the final composited output with graphics, pre-recorded video and live feeds combined as required by the editor.

“In a project lasting only eight weeks we built the video mixer. The challenge for us was to create something that was user friendly across people with all levels of mixing experience, something a complete novice could pick up but wouldn’t insult the intelligence of experts.

“We spent 10 days learning how television works then started writing the code.

“We are very proud to have worked on this project. This work has never be done before we had to be agile and nimble in turning around information very rapidly in order to create the product.”

Isotoma’s video mixer was trailed this summer during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

For the full story, please see the York Press website

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