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Tue 13th February
Weaving into greetings market
A TECHNOLOGY and media company in York has launched a new smartphone app that developers believe will rival the likes of SnapChat and WhatsApp.

Based at York Science Park, 1616 Media has created Weavyworld, which allows users to send the digital equivalent of a greetings card to smartphones around the world.

Chief executive of 1616 Media, Suzy Edward said: “The greetings card market is worth $30 billion globally, but there are more and more of us now who do not find it convenient or affordable to find and send lots of greetings cards.

“Social media is too public and noisy, and peer-to-peer messaging platforms, like SnapChat and WhatsApp, are not stylish or creative enough. Weavyworld bridges the ‘intimacy gap’ between all these established ways of communicating in a simple and easy to use App.”

1616 Media is an international media and technology collaboration between York in the UK, the west coast of the US and Pakistan. Co-funded by UK, US and Canadian investors, the company originally emerged during 2016 from the University of York’s incubator space at the Ron Cooke Hub.

The company provides employment for nine graduates and is looking to expand its footprint once the app takes off having been launched last week.

John Osborne, chief technology officer at 1616 Media, said: “The Weavyworld App is part of a very complex digital publishing platform.

“Building it meant we had to solve issues around the hosting and distribution of sophisticated, digital content to smartphones - but in a fun, easy to access way for the user.

“Technology-wise, Weavyworld brings together a number of innovations that seamlessly connects peoples’ smartphones with rich and entertaining media but without over burdening the internet or our mobile bills.”

The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play now in the UK and in English speaking countries.

It has been designed so anyone with a smartphone can receive a Weavy – whether they have the app or not.

For the full story please see the York Press website

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