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Wed 15th November
Expanding in weight loss
A FIRM of York scientists developing food ingredients to boost weight loss is to launch a new product range in the new year featuring muesli pots and coffee and tea blends.

Optibiox Health, based at York Science Park, is launching a new and improved version of its SlimBiome weight loss powder, which will be sold as an ingredient to food producers around the world, and in Optibiotix’s own brand Go Figure range of shakes and bars.

New flavours and additions to the SlimBiome and GoFigure product range will be introduced in early 2018 including morning muesli pots, healthy bites and coffee and tea blends as part of a healthy lifestyle brand.

The new version SlimBiome has been developed by Optibiotix following a manufacturing and supply agreement with Knighton Foods, which sees Optibiotix utilise Knighton’s specialised powder technology.

This is all part of a series of ongoing developments between Optibiotix and a number of international partners and large retailers to extend SlimBiome’s application into a broader range of ‘Health & Wellbeing’ food and beverage products.

Stephen O’Hara, chief executive of OptiBiotix, said the business has made “significant progress” with partners developing new product opportunities.

He said: “We anticipate SlimBiome being the first in a family of products to include: ImmunBiome, WellBiome, OptiBiome and CardioBiome, developed using our advanced microbiome modulating technology platforms, to meet industry and consumer need for scientifically proven products to improve health and wellbeing.

“As the promise of the microbiome materialises into a wider range of applications and products and we extend into overseas territories the scale of the opportunity enlarges allowing us to fully exploit our revenue generating potential.”

The company revealed further product development is ongoing with a number of international partners to include SlimBiome in territory specific applications including bakery products such as cookies and tortillas, breakfast cereals, food toppings for salad and breakfast, as well as developing country flavour specific options for healthy snacks, yoghurts and cereal bars.

These development include working with Tata on specially formulated and flavoured products ranges for the Asian markets, and a number of US partners looking to improve the health and nutritional status of existing snacking products.

For the full story please see the York Press website

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