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Wed 10th January
Big Data: Connecting SME employers with students and recent graduates
Over recent years much has been written about big-data and how it’s going to change almost everything. The continuous development in chip technology, the speed of the internet, cloud computing, and our ability to costeffectively store and analyse vast quantities of data mean that big-data is rapidly becoming a reality. Here’s a mind-boggling fact – more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race, and this growth trend will continue.


Big-Data means different things to different people, but in simple terms almost everything we do today creates a data trail, a footprint that is collated and stored. Blended with other data sources such as social media, online photos, and emails this can then be analysed for personal and commercial purposes. The result is a much better understanding of the individual, their behaviours and preferences that can then be used by computer algorithms to make intelligent decisions. This can be as obvious as a supermarket getting to better know our needs as consumers, or in the education sector we operate in it
could see employers being connected with emerging talent based on those skills and attributes that deliver the best match for both parties.

Gradintelligence operates in the highly specialised world of university student data and is regarded as being home to many of the most highly respected experts in this field by their higher education sector partners.


The business was formed ten years ago with a vision of using the mass of data that universities hold on their students to better guide their development while at university, and match them to employment or further study opportunities with much greater accuracy
and efficiency than has ever been possible. That vision has become a reality, and the company has recently launched its Talent Matching Engine the first product of its kind using university verified data plus other data sources to connect SME employers with students and recent graduates.

Back to the big-data concept, Gradintelligence now holds over 750,000 profiles for students and recent graduates. When this data is used for employer matching purposes there are over a quadrillion search permutations (that's a 1 and 15 zeros!). While this statistic is meaningless in isolation, the reality is that the more data we have the better
our employment matching decisions become. More data, better matching resulting in fewer highly suited candidates being targeted for each opportunity – a better experience for everyone concerned.


The world of graduate recruitment has for many years been problematic for everyone involved. Universities who want to connect their students with the best suited opportunities, students who want to be recognised not just for their exit degree but for what’s best about them as individuals, and employers who have found the traditional approach to recruiting graduates costly, time consuming and inefficient. To put this
into context the typical applicant to hire ratio for graduate roles is about 75:1, so
for 74 out of 75 applicants the result is a rejection. At a national level this represents millions of hours of wasted time for job-finders and employers alike.

In our dialogue with universities and students we are encouraged to use the power of data to shorten the queues, and the release of our Talent Matching Engine is now making a difference for SME employers throughout the UK.


For SMEs it couldn’t be easier. Gradintelligence has developed a user-friendly online service which is designed to be used by business owners or hiring managers with little or no experience in graduate recruitment.

Employers create an account and the system guides them through a process of describing their organisation and the opportunity. The next step is a set of questions related to building the profile of an ideal candidate. This involves a mixture of academic and non-academic skills, achievements and attributes.

Within about 15 minutes the hard work is over and the powerful matching engine does the rest. Typically full applications start to arrive within 24-48 hours.


1616 Media is one of the early adopters of the new recruitment service and has worked with Gradintelligence to find talented graduates for their first two staff appointments: roles that were critical to their business growth.

Suzy Edward, founder and director of 1616 Media says: “Like most SMEs, we had a very clear idea of what we wanted but simply didn’t have the national university connections to identify suitable graduate level candidates.

“We used the Talent Matching Engine to specify the academic and nonacademic credentials we needed and – most importantly – the personality fit that is an essential ingredient in many entrepreneurial start-ups. Within days we were presented with a highly tailored pipeline of candidates with verified, comparable profiles and we went on to hire two outstanding graduates.

Without Gradintelligence, it simply wouldn’t have been possible for us to
make these connections.” 

For the full story, please see the UKSPA Breakthrough website

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