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The Future of UK Aerospace
Wed 21st March
Central London

With so much investment and strategic developments around aerospace and aviation we are bringing together specialists from across higher education, government and the private sector to, 'The Future of UK Aerospace', an interactive strategy discussion taking place 21st March in Central London.

CONFIRMED SPEAKER: John Morlidge, Head of Aerospace, Innovate UK and Malcolm Scott, Corporate Development Officer, Aerospace Technology Institute will deliver a morning keynote entitled, 'Examining Changes and New Funding Opportunities for Technology Innovations' which will cover:

- Assessing grant funding proposals to increase UK competitive position in aerospace design and manufacturing
- Funding business-led aerospace projects and helping companies realise the opportunities in aerospace advancements
- Exploring recent developments in aircraft design and manufacturing and the impact on the wider industry
- How recent developments will drive change in passenger demands, safety regulations and environmental pressures
- Future of funding: Ensuring a continued commitment to developing new technologies in a post-Brexit landscape
- Maintaining a competitive position in the global aerospace market

ALSO CONFIRMED: Professor Iain Gray, Director of Aerospace, Cranfield University will look at investment in new technology, research facilities and integration of drones as well as available funding and the important role of higher education in spearheading research and innovation.

Contact Information:
Event Host: Inside Government

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