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Leadership Team Training
Mon 11th September (09:00 - 13:45)
Aston Hall Hotel, Worksop Road, Aston, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S26 2EE

Successful chapters enable their members to generate more business and take steps to ensure everything is being done to help more members make more money.

To do this we need to run chapters within BNI guidelines and we will explain why each agenda item is important to generating more business. This includes the input of the President, Vice-President, Secretary Treasurer, the committee, and the main co-ordinator roles.

Great visitor hosting ensures a great visitor experience and this results in more business for everyone involved, we will also touch on best practice for Visitor Host teams.

At the event all those present will set the goals for their group for the next 12 months so the more members who are involved with that process the better.

This is also a fantastic networking opportunity where we will see many members from each group at this annual event and of course attendance contributes toward traffic light scores.

Where Chapter funds are available the cost of attendance may be taken from that source.

This event costs £20 and is only available to members.

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