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IAEA Robotics Challenge
Wed 28th June to Fri 18th August
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

What do we want to improve?

Some of the most common tasks undertaken by the IAEA inspectors involve making repetitive measurements in areas that can be difficult to access, or with elevated radiation levels. This is a domain where robotic could play a role, not only to improve the working conditions of the inspectors but also to enhance the consistency of the IAEA measurements. Two categories of robotic platforms are specifically considered for this technology challenge:

Challenge Category 1:
Small Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV)
Inspectors frequently use a small handheld optical instrument called the Improved Cerenkov Viewing Device (ICVD) to confirm the presence of spent fuel stored underwater. The IAEA would like to mount this device inside a small robotized floating platform, which would autonomously propel itself across the surface of the pond, while stabilizing the ICVD in a vertical position.

Challenge Category 2:
Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
Inspectors conduct a routine task that includes counting containers, recording their ID tags and performing gamma measurements on some of them. The IAEA would like to identify small unmanned vehicles / robotized rolling platforms able to assist the inspector by performing the following tasks: moving autonomously across a storage area, counting items of a specific geometry, recording their ID tags, and carrying specific IAEA instrument payloads.

Full description of these tasks is available to the registered challenge participants here.


Challenge participants must submit the following deliverables:

  • Filled-in template describing the system and explaining how key scenarios have been technically addressed
  • Short dedicated (non-commercial) videos showing the robot performing in these situations
  • Submission will open on June 19; registered participants will have access to the templates and submission forms here.

Participants with the best technical proposals will receive funding to participate in the Demonstration Week (robotics hackathon), organized in Australia (attendance limited to two individuals per proposal). The IAEA will allocate 20.000 euros to support private entities, startups or small businesses and will eventually facilitate access to alternative sources of funding for other categories of organizations.

First prizes in each category (USV and UGV) are 5000 EUR; two second prizes are 3500 EUR each; IAEA will also distribute three supporting prizes of 1000 EUR each.

Other challenge participants with compliant proposals will be welcome to participate in the Demonstration Week at their own expenses.

Contact Information:
Event Host: International Atomic Energy Agency
Please draw your attention that you can submit several systems (any combination of Unmanned Surface Vehicle and Unmanned Ground Vehicle categories) - please repeat the submission process separately for each system.

The deadline for application submissions is extended - we are ready to receive your proposals up to August 18, 2017.

Please pay attention to the F.A.Q. page updates. We try to answer your questions as soon as possible, and every question and answer is being published at that page. Please check the information regularly and ask your questions using the form at the bottom of the webpage.
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