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Executive Challenge
Wed 6th December
University of York

Course Content
Participants will examine a case study in leadership prior to the event, and be asked to complete an optional 360 feedback exercise with their colleagues. The first session of the day will explore good practice and current theory relating to excellent, authentic leadership.

In small teams, our delegates will be asked to complete a series of challenges that will require them to apply strategic thinking, effective communication, and leadership skill. Participants will not need to be especially physically fit to complete the Challenge Day, but they will need to be determined, open minded, and comfortable to receive feedback on their leadership and team work performance. Our specialist instructors will facilitate feedback from the other participating delegates, and provide their own perspective as observers.

At the end of the day, all delegates will work through a structured reflective practice session, and consider honestly their strengths as leaders, and the areas they may need to develop in, on the basis of their performance on the day. All learning will be applied to the delegates’ real professional world, and practical action plans will be developed.

Course Benefits
This day will be suitable for current leaders and managers, at any level of their organisation, who are willing to have their leadership ability tested, desire to improve their self-awareness, and wish to receive honest developmental feedback on their ability to lead a team to complete a task. The day will also provide a vital development opportunity for aspiring leaders, and it will leave them will a practical toolbox that will prove invaluable in their first management role.

Benefits for the participants:
-Enjoy testing your real leadership skills, and challenging yourself, by engaging in a variety of exciting tasks
-Practice your leadership skills in a safe environment
-Get valuable feedback on your style and approach, from peers and your experienced tutor
-Identify and enhance your natural leadership style
-Improve your levels of self-awareness and leadership impact
-Practice proven success models for building strong, loyal teams.

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